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Generative art and pedagogy blog

Notes about generative art and art pedagogy.
Based on the Generative Design course at the Faculty of Architecture of USMP, Lima Peru.
And the research proyects of the Universidad de Lima.
This page is open to fellow teachers, students and artists.
Tambičn se aceptan aportes en castellano!

1. Constructivism, art, pedagogy and information technologies.
A project supported by the research lab of the Lima University, LIma Perú, 2009-2010.
Universidad de Lima - IDIC - Proyectos 2010.
Generative design and LSystems as didactic tools. Workshop at Colegio 6069 Pachacutec, Villa el Salvador, Lima, Perú.
The workshop will start in October. More news soon.
2. Generative art and LSystems workshop.
With arq. Benito Juarez. August 2009.
Conea, University of San Martin de Porres, Lima, Perú.
3. Generative Peru.
Foto V. Crousse. July 2009.
Dried musk in the callejon de Conchucos, Peruvian Andes.

4. Notes on analog and sigital generative design.
September 2007
Generative processes are better understood if they are developed manually. For instance, we have studied fractal mountain generation
by hand, starting with a single line, using dice to get random numbers and drawing the line manually.
Only after this exercise students have used an open source software to build a 3D surface model in STL format and rendered it with 3DMax.
It's important that students understand that generative processes can be analog and can be done in many different ways.
It's also important to set into the proper focus the importance of the process and of the algorithms involved. These happen to be easily
hidden by the interfaces and by the speed of the computer.
And students should research generative processes in the real life. The growing and chaotic new urban areas of Lima are a unique starting point.
But we can find generative designs in traditional arts and crafts, such as the ruins of incaic adobe constructions or textile designs.
Look the works of Josef and Anni Albers (Bauhaus).
6. Generative Peru. Fotos V. Crousse

2 walls of Cajamarca, Peruvian Andes

2 walls near Churin, Peruvian Andes

Drying adobe, Caral. Ruins of the huaca Pucllana, Lima

Ruins of Tambocolorado, near the town of Pisco